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After months of hard work, i'm so excited to finally unveil my new studio! While it will always be a work in progress (what creative space isn't?), i'm so happy to have a new home to work in. I teamed up with the creative gals at Havenly, who helped me to create a comfortable and eclectic environment, while sourcing decor from local spots like Salt & Sundry and West Elm DC. During my kick-off meeting with them, I stressed the importance of having a space that accommodated my tools work area, while also serving as a place where my customers and clients can come and meet with me. The designers at Havenly gave me lots of creative decor and layout suggestions, but also left room for me to add my own personal touches.

As an added bonus, Havenly generously offered my customers and fans 20% off decorating services for new clients. If you'd like to take advantage of this great offer, head to and use the code SHELTER20! at checkout! 

All in all, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Interested in visiting in person? I happily accepting appointments at the studio! If you'd like to shop some of my jewelry in person, please contact me to schedule a time to drop by.

A major thanks to Morgan Hungerford of A Creative DC for shooting the space! 

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