5 Tips for Layering Necklaces and Other Jewelry

I was recently on Martha Stewart chatting about the best ways to layer jewelry! You can read the full post on their website, or view the content below. I'd love to hear from you - what's your favorite way to layer your jewels? 

This time of year is all about layering. While there's nothing better than throwing a cozy sweater on during those crisp fall mornings, clothing isn't the only thing that you can pile on to create a unique and refined look.


Layering necklaces and other jewelry has become quite popular these days, with many women gravitating toward multiple small, dainty pieces to create a larger statement look. But this concept isn't foolproof. Add too much, or the wrong combination, and you'll end up with a jewelry identity crisis. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you'll always ace the layered look!


Mix Your Metals

Tradition says pair gold with gold and silver with silver. But today you can ignore this rule, and combine metals to create an edgy yet sophisticated look. Try a combination of gold and silver, rose gold and gold, or a mix of all three! When mixing metals, try leaving gemstones out, or stick with neutral-colored stones like diamonds, quartz, or white sapphires, which all work well.


Combine Short and Long

Rocking a longer statement necklace? Try it with one or two shorter chain necklaces or a simple pair of hoops. You'll end up creating a lengthening effect and inevitably give off a cool, understated vibe.


Space It Out

You want to keep it simple when layering necklaces. Make sure your pieces are spaced out evenly. This works well with a few different dainty necklaces. Start with a piece around 16 inches, then work your way up to an 18-inch, 20-inch and even 22-inch. Try to avoid bulkier chains, and stick with thin, delicate pieces in the same metal or color.


Play with Color

The old adage "if you find a piece of clothing you love, buy one in every color" can also apply to jewelry. Don't be afraid to purchase a few of the same pieces with different gemstones or materials and wear them all at once! Or try finding a few pieces with similar-colored gemstones and mix and match to create a subtle ombre look. Steer away from wearing multiple pieces with the exact same stone or color to avoid being too matchy-matchy.


Create a Balancing Act

The ultimate tip for layering jewelry? Maintain some balance. If you're wearing multiple necklaces, skip the earrings or opt for simple studs. Stacking on a ton of rings? Try a simple bangle or chain bracelet. The key is to keep your look interesting, while avoiding looking like you're wearing every piece of jewelry you own.


Do You

At the end of the day, you're going to feel best in what you're most comfortable in. So if all else fails, skip these tips and wear what you love!

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