Currently Coveting...

The various products, clothing, food, and accessories i'm currently coveting. 


#1 - Natural Curiosities Geode Prints

The pricetag is too hefty for my budget, but i'm obsessed with these geode prints from Natural Curiosities. They would make a great addition to my studio walls. 

#2 - Patterned Tiles

I'm in the process of renovating my new house, which has proven to be a bit more of an undertaking than initially expected. While the kitchen is in decent shape, the floors leave little to be desired, so i'm looking for an easy (and affordable) way to upgrade them. I saw these tiles on Emily Henderson's blog and immediately fell in love! Paired with white cabinets and butcher block counters, I think they would look amazing.

#3 - Samantha Louise Petal Row Band

I met Samantha in September at a jewelry event, and immediately fell in love with all of the pieces she had on. She just opened a new store in Denver where my husband is from, so I can't wait to visit over the holidays (and maybe treat myself to one of her pieces!). 

#4 - Freda Salvador Climb Over the Knee Boots

My obsession with CA brand Freda Salvador has reached a new degree in recent months. I've purchased a pair of their shoes every year for my birthday for the past few years, and I'm always impressed by how the shoes hold up. I already purchased these, but may need to add these amazing new over the knee boots to my collection...

#5 - Pineapple and Pearls

I love Aaron Silverman's DC restaurant Roses Luxury, so when he opened his newest spot I was thrilled. at $250/head it's a splurge, but my friends who have gone have raved about it, and it would make a fun outing for a very special occasion!

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