Four Years Ago Today...

It somehow slipped my mind, but I realized that today marks the four year anniversary of Mallory Shelter Jewelry. Thinking back, I'm in awe of how much can happen in just a few years, how far i've come in creating my jewelry brand, and how much support i've gotten from my family, friends, loyal customers, and other local businesses. 

Four years ago today, I received a last minute acceptance into the DC MEET Market, a monthly pop-up featuring local artisans in the DC area. I had applied on a whim after my friend Amanda had encouraged me to, but never in a million years believed that I would participate. When I received the phone call, I totally panicked - I had no inventory, no brand, no display set up, and no knowledge of how to sell my jewelry. 

In what I can only chalk up to a total miracle, I somehow pulled it off. My then-coworkers created a logo, and I printed business cards on computer paper. My husband and all of his friends came over and tied price tags to each piece of jewelry. I purchased a bath towel (yes you read that correctly, a bath towel) from Salt & Sundry and used it as a table cloth. And my dad bought and slapped together a simple website for me. 

Never in a million years did I ever expect that this little pop-up show would lead me to what is now my career and passion. Some days, it still feels a little bit like a dream. Other days, I want to throw in the towel and go back to a "normal" life. But when all is said and done, I couldn't be any more grateful for where I am today. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along this journey. Here's to many more years!

So excited, and so oblivious to my sad booth - note dead flowers, too short table cloths, and piles of trash (?) behind me

My total inventory. The beaded bar necklace is still going strong today! 

My #1 fan (who just happened to have a "sign guy" who owed him a favor)

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I love all your jewelry, but I love your story just as much! Congratulations on your success! I happen to know a good friend of yours (Nicole) and she introduced me to your line. Keep up the good work!

Jeanine Mays October 08, 2016

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