Jewelry Storytellers: Nicole Laemers

Next up in our Jewelry Storyteller series is Nicole Laemers of DC's Salt & Sundry and Little Leaf shops. Nicole has been a close personal friend since our days as shop associates at Salt & Sundry (over 5 years ago!), and her personal style is something i've always admired. She has a way of putting together outfits and jewelry effortlessly, and I always find myself lusting after creative pieces she is wearing. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I live in Hyattsville, Maryland, with my soon to be husband Will (so weird to say that), our pup Ramona, our devil cat, Gemi, and 120 + houseplants.  I'm the Director of Experience + Visuals at Salt & Sundry // Little Leaf, where I've worked for the past four years. I do a little bit of everything, from hiring/recruiting to window displays to plant buying. It's the perfect creative outlet. 

Drop stone

How would you describe your style? 

I think I'd describe my style as earthy bohemian, with comfort being my number one priority. 

Pictured: bracelet from Little Leaf, custom Ruby in Fuchsite ring, Sapphire stacking rings 

Why is jewelry important/meaningful to you?

As a kid, my mom and aunts were always decked out in gold chains + hoops (I'm from Jersey, haha), and I was always fascinated by the stories behind each piece. I also love that on my most casual days (gym clothes, sneakers, no makeup) jewelry gives that little extra pop to ensure you don't look like a complete mess.

Pictured: stacking rings, open oval studs, Anna Beck studs 

Describe your jewelry collection - what makes it special?

It's eclectic, ever changing (because I lose everything!), and a large majority is made by my talented female friends (Mallory Shelter Jewelry, 76 and Maine, and Some Place Beneath the Moon). I love supporting female makers and business owners, and I'm lucky to be surrounded by such crafty ladies. 

What are your three favorite pieces of jewelry?

My gorgeous engagement ring from Digby and Iona, my gold disk necklace with three tiny diamonds, a gift from Mallory when we opened our third shop, Little Leaf  (Sally and Amanda have matching ones!), and my chunky ruby in fuchsite ring from MSJ. Oh and my gold moon and star necklace, a gift from my auntie when I was born. That's four :) 

What’s one piece of jewelry you never take off?

My peak notch ring from Salt & Sundry (made by GemBlue). From sleeping to gardening, it never leaves my finger. 

If you could own one piece of jewelry that you don’t currently have, what would it be?

I'm currently pining for the Yiney earrings made by the Embera Chami community in Colombia. My boss Amanda discovered the line on her recent trip to Cartagena, and we instantly started stocking them at Salt & Sundry. Give me all the fringe earrings!

Also, my wedding band, which is in the process of being made by MSJ. We're using the diamonds from my soon to be mother-in-law's engagement ring - it's going to be so beautiful! 

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