Shopping Local This Holiday Season

Since the holiday season is upon us (and i'm in the midst of shopping for everyone in my life), i've rounded up some of my favorite items created right here in the District that make perfect gifts!

P.S. you can view my jewelry gift guides here, plus check out the Brightest Young Thing gift guide (featuring my pear pendant necklace), and Matine's gift guide (featuring my bar studs)!


1. District of clothing #Doer sweatshirt // 2. Florescent Co Gâteaux perfume // 3. Harper Macaw Atlantic Forest chocolate bar // 4. Follain Drenched Body Butter // 5. Proper Topper Secret Garden Mug // 6. Mischo Beauty Phenomenon nail polish // 7. Cherry Blossom Creative H Street print 8. Matine Tilly Baguette // 9. Salt and Sundry Sydney Hale candle // 10. Framebridge Cairo Custom Frame  // 11. Kuzeh Kilim Honey Jar // 12. Marcella Kriebel Pineapple Watercolor 

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