One Pair of Earrings, Four Ways

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "what do I wear your jewelry with?" Surprisingly, I often find myself in a jewelry rut and stick to my tried and true basics (these earrings and this ring), but every once in awhile i'll pull out something new, then feel at a loss for how to style it. So in an effort to make my pieces easier for you to wear, my assistant Amy and I pulled together some looks using the Rutilated Quartz Rosalita Hoops (one of my favorites from the fall collection). Take a look at a few different ways to wear them, and let us know how you style yours in the comments! 


Ever since i've been working (and even now that I work for myself and can wear whatever) I'm always on the hunt for versatile, classic basics. This turtleneck dress fits the bill - paired with an awesome gold necklace and boots from my favorite footwear designer, you'll have a polished yet edgy workday look. 

dress // coat // necklace // earrings // boots // bag


I struggle with weekend attire a lot - my first instinct is workout clothes, but i've been putting in more effort recently to leave the house in something more polished. For this look, I pulled some modern pieces with clean lines, brightened by touches of gold and a textured clutch.

top // earrings // ring // clutch // pants 


I absolutely love dressing up for the holidays, and also absolutely love anything leopard print, so naturally I included this amazing jacket into my party outfit attire. Paired with a textured clutch from local designer Ron David and some great heels and a sparkly bangle, this look will definitely bring some cheer! 

dress // jacket // clutch // earrings // bracelet // shoes 


Whether you're strolling around town, heading out to meet friends, or going pumpkin picking, this casual yet glamorous look will work for just about any occasion! 

top // bag // earrings // jeans // mules // bracelet // jacket

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