As both a store owner and a jewelry designer, Mallory has a unique position to help starting jewelry brands grow their businesses, target the right customers, get their online presence in great shape, and approach retail buyers. 

Want to learn more? Here are some of the services I offer:


A broad look of your current business footprint - we'll review all of your materials (business cards, print collateral, line sheets, etc) + platforms (website, social media, e-newsletter) and provide some comprehensive suggestions on areas for improvement. 

WEBSITE REVIEW (from $125)

We'll take a look at your current website - platform used, product listings, useability, navigation, and aesthetics. We then provide our take on what's working, what can be improved, short cuts, time + cost savers, and more. 


Line sheets are crucial to get buyer's attention. We will do a full audit of your current line sheets - layout, text, images, prices, terms & conditions - and then provide areas of improvement and suggested changes. Don't have line sheets or need them professionally done? We can help with that, too! 


Today's reality is that people look at your social media presence first. We will provide a full audit of your channels, analyzing things like frequency of posting, relevance, captions, calls to action, etc. We will then provide actionable next steps! 


Pricing can be one of the toughest parts of any jewelry business. We can take a look at your materials + labor costs, and help you come up with a custom formula to apply to your products to get to a fair wholesale and retail markup. 

To inquire about services, or to learn more about Mallory's background, you can get in touch at