Jewelry Gift Guide (From Brands I Love)

A few years ago, I started a tradition that every Valentine's Day I purchase myself a piece of jewelry from another artist I admire. Sometimes it's something small, other times I save up all year and splurge, but it's a way to show a little self-love, and it's become something I look forward to each year (plus, I love any excuse to support other jewelry designers!) This year's purchase? The snake ring from Brooklyn designer Nora Kogan (pictured below!)

So in the spirit of love...whether it's self love or love for a friend/significant other...i've rounded up some of my favorite pieces of jewelry from my brand and several other designers that would make perfect gifts. Happy Valentine's Day!



1. Sarah Swell Slim Fishbone Stud Earrings - I'm arguably Sarah Swell's #1 fan ever since I popped into her super cute studio in Sausalito a few years ago. All of her designs are unique and edgy, and I love her use of shapes and mixed metals. These fishbone stud earrings are perfect for making a serious statement. ($275)

2. Flaca Jewelry Sunrise Drops - I met Amy of Flaca Jewelry last year at an event for designers, and we both realized we had actually met years ago through a mutual friend (before either of us were making jewelry!) We immediately hit it off, and it's been great to watch her brand grow (she was recently named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 designers). Her tassel earrings are *everything* and would perfectly accent a chunky sweater or summer maxi dress. ($150)

3. Nora Kogan Alexandra Ring - I've been super into snake rings this year, and when I saw this one from Nora, I immediately fell in love. It's perfect on it's own or stacked with a larger gemstone ring. Happy Valentine's Day to me! ($150 for sterling silver, $500 for 14k gold)

4. Tiro Tiro Cercis Necklace - I'm truly OBSESSED with this necklace in every way possible. I love the length, the chain, and the linen fringe detail. It's been on my wish list for about two years now, so I may have to cave and buy it at some point...($275)

5. Julie Rofman Iron Cuff - I first saw Julie's hand beaded designs at last year's New York Now show, and was totally smitten with her unique patterns and detailing. I love the colors and pattern found in this Iron Cuff, which is even prettier in person. ($260)

6. Rose Gold Bezel Studs - is it bad to lust after your own designs? Every since I made a bunch of these for Christmas orders, i've been seriously wanting a pair of my own. They are the perfect way to add some understated sparkle to every outfit. I might have to justify a splurge! (from $850)

7. Sterling Silver Wrap Ring - I almost always have this ring on, but tend to stick with gold. Recently i've found myself gravitating a lot more toward silver jewelry, and this ring is the perfect piece to mix in with my other gold items. ($115)

8. 76 and Maine Wing Jacket Earrings - Allie Federle is new to the DC jewelry scene, but her plant-inspired pieces are stunning. She saws each piece out of goldfill and brass, making some unique and wearable earrings! ($115 for 14k goldfill)

9. Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace - fun fact about Maya Brenner...after purchasing one of her necklaces when I was just dabbling with jewelry design, I cold emailed her asking if she would chat with me about how she got started making jewelry, and what it takes to be a successful designer. She immediately responded, and we ended up chatting for nearly an hour about her brand and journey, and tips for getting started in the field for. I was so appreciate of the conversation, and think of it every time i'm wearing her stunning 'M' necklace. ($240)

10. Kicheko Goods Rose Gold Druzy Studs - Sarah is a good friend, and her socially-driven brand is one i've always admired. These rose gold studs are awesome every day earrings and would certainly spice up a Valentine's Day outfit! (from $36)

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