My Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

I love the stories people have behind their jewelry. Every time I compliment someone on a piece they're wearing, they inevitably dive into an explanation of where they got it, who it came from, or how it makes them feel. 

While I typically stick to jewelry i've made on a day-to-day basis, I have quite a jewelry collection, with lots of pieces that have stories of their own. Scroll down to see a few of my favorite and most sentimental pieces. 


I wore these earrings to my junior prom! They came from a woman name Gwen, who I credit for getting me into jewelry in the first place (she had her own line and taught me a lot of what I know today). I had a blue dress, and my mom commissioned Gwen to make me a custom pair of earrings to match. These felt so special when I put them on, and I still smile every time I wear them.  



This was the ring my husband gave me when he proposed. I had always admired hexagon-shaped engagement rings, but was having trouble finding something I loved. I had mentioned wanting to make my own ring, so he proposed with this and I made my own after! 



I picked up this cuff when I studied abroad in Ghana. It was made in Mali, and I loved the heft of it, and the intricate carved details. It weighs over 3 lbs, so I don't wear it often, but when I do it definitely makes a statement. 



These two necklaces belonged to my grandmother. She had a wild style when she was younger (and still does to this day!) and has a pretty epic collection of jewelry that she's slowly started to give to my mom, sister and I. While I love all of the jewelry i've inherited from her, these two necklaces are definitely my favorite. I've never seen anything like them, and always get compliments every time I wear them.



My mom purchased this ring for me on a trip she took to Brazil. Opal is my birthstone (and a stone i've always loved), and I love the square bezel setting it's in.




This stack is a bit of a combo...the top two bracelets are ones that my husband purchased for me in china (the top one is jade). The bottom three are heirlooms from my grandmother. I love the bright green color combo of all of them!
This picture highlights two of my favorite pieces - my Anna Beck ring and my rose gold diamond studs. Both pieces I purchased the Anna Beck ring when I worked at Salt & Sundry. It was a splurge, but I felt so happy when I bought it, and continue to wear it most's comfortable and statement making. The diamond studs I made for myself after I finished my Union Market pop-up. I've made these studs for awhile and would always get slightly jealous when a customer would order a pair from me and i'd have to ship them off. I finally bit the bullet and made a pair for myself, which felt like the perfect ending to a huge accomplishment. 

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