Currently Coveting...

The various products, clothing, food, and accessories i'm currently coveting. 


#1 - Matine Capucine Shoulder Bag

I've always admired the Matine line, but Carolyn's new collection is especially stunning. I love the color of this leather, and the versatility of the bag! 
Everything that Little Leaf carries is dreamy, and these planters are no exception. I love the soft pink color of this planter, that would look perfect against the dark grey walls of my dining room. 


#3 - Culottes

It tool me awhile to get on board with culottes, but now i'm fully embracing them. They are the perfect transitional pant, and I love the intentional crop (at 5'9", my pants tend to crop even when I don't want them to).

#4 - Doen Faye Dress

I recently discovered the brand Doen, and am in love with pretty much everything. Their Faye dress is lightweight and bohemian, and would be wonderful to wear on a summer evening.


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