Celebrating International Women's Day, Today and Every Day

I spent this morning at my friend Carolyn's beautiful studio space chatting with other small business owners about how we can use our businesses for social good. The conversation, which was led by Sarah of Kicheko Goods, started around socially-minded businesses but quickly led to a larger conversation about the current political climate, and how we as business owners can use our platforms and sales to help causes we believe in. It felt very fitting on International Women's Day to be surrounded by other women I've come to admire so much, and discuss issues that deeply impact us as females. 

As I was reflecting on our conversation, and this day in general, I felt so grateful to have so many strong females in my life. I am grateful to the four female employees I now have (two who also have their own businesses, two who work for other female-run businesses or organizations in addition to mine), all of who have stepped in to help with my brand at a time when I was in desperate need of their support. I am grateful to the other female business owners in D.C. who have remained non-competitive and genuinely want each other to succeed. I am grateful to my mom, sister, female relatives, and girlfriends who have been my biggest fans since day one and are quick to deliver just as much critical feedback as praise. And finally, I am grateful to my clients and customers, most of whom are women, who continue to make my business grow. 

So, a big thank you to all of the women who keep this small business of mine going...I wouldn't be here without you! 

P.S. If you'd like to support other female owned-businesses, here are some I admire:

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