Jewelry Storytellers: Amanda McClements of Salt & Sundry

One of the best parts of my job is being able to work with people to create memorable pieces of jewelry - whether it's a small necklace for a friend signifying an important milestone in their life, or an engagement ring representing two people's union.

In an effort to highlight the importance that jewelry plays in people's lives, i'm interviewing several creatives in the DC area about what jewelry means to them, their favorite pieces, and more. Next up in the series is Amanda McClements, owner of DC's shops Salt & Sundry and Little Leaf. I've known Amanda since I worked part-time at her first Salt & Sundry location, and have always admired her impeccable, bohemian style and her love for unique piece of jewelry. 

Why is jewelry important/meaningful to you?

Jewelry can tell such a rich story, and when you layer on lots of pieces, it's like a secret diary. It tells your story and the story of the makers who created the pieces. I love looking down and knowing the story behind every piece I'm wearing. The turquoise ring I picked up on a road trip through Arizona, the leather wrap bracelet a friend gave me for my birthday, the tiny gold disc with three diamonds, representing my three shops (a gift from Mallory!)

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

My engagement ring. My husband proposed in the ocean and I still marvel every time I look at it that he didn't drop it in a wave 

What’s the first piece of jewelry you ever received?

There is a shop on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill called Light Years that's always had a sort of hippie vibe. As a kid (and budding jewelry collector) in the 80s and 90s, I loved pouring over all the tiny studs and funky finds. Such a treasure trove. I probably bought myself some sun or moon earrings as my first piece of jewelry.

What’s one piece of jewelry you never take off?

My wedding band. And I wear my bar studs almost every day.

What’s one piece from my collection you would love to wear?

Anything you make with malachite, one of my favorite stones!

Amanda is pictured wearing the Gold Bar Studs + the Blue Sapphire Mini Drop Necklace (image 1), and the Hammered Cuff Bangles (image 2)

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